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Why Invest

Real Matters’ mission is to be a leading network management services company, globally.

We believe that our strategy will strengthen the Real Matters’ competitive position and generate increased revenues, Net Revenue and profitability. This strategy is supported by our continuing focus on a scalable software development discipline, a commitment to client service, operational excellence and creating long-term value for our clients, employees and shareholders.

Large Addressable Market

We estimate that the total annual market spend for the services we offer is approximately US$13 billion.

Large Blue-Chip Client Base

Our clients include approximately 60 of the top 100 mortgage lenders in the U.S. and we have a client retention rate of approximately 95%.

Best in Class Technology-Based Platform

Our technology creates a differentiated long-term competitive advantage to traditional service providers by addressing key issues within the mortgage lending and insurance industries.

Multi-Pronged Growth Strategy

Our strategy is to leverage our network management services platform to consistently outperform competitors, build on our performance to grow market share with our clients, and to attract and retain franchise clients. Webelieve that Real Matters has several levers to continue driving growth in the near term:

  • Continue to grow residential mortgage appraisal market share;
  • Disrupt the title and closing market;
  • Continue to pursue acquisition opportunities.

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