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Why not do it differently?

That’s been our mantra from the get-go. It’s what prompted us to start this company and what has allowed Real Matters to become one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America.

We believe in leveraging technology to solve big, complex problems. And the way we do that is by finding smart, ambitious people like you who aren’t afraid to ask “Why not?”

So what’s it like working at Real Matters? We’re a high-growth company that operates at a fast pace – so you can expect a fulfilling work environment where you will be challenged and rewarded. We promote camaraderie across the company through collaborative meeting rhythms and the odd scavenger hunt or two. We’ve learned that we do better work when everyone is aligned, well fed, and when we have fun. Here’s a sample of what you can expect when you join our team:

  • A challenging work environment with opportunities for development and growth
  • Competitive medical, dental and vision care benefits
  • Monthly core value awards with prizes including event tickets, lunch with a friend or shares in the company
  • Team challenges: We are big Monopoly fans…every employee joins one of our four Property Teams and we compete for world domination every year.
  • Free healthy snacks and drinks.

Our culture is at the core of our business and at the heart of our success. So if you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to meet you!

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